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New Health and Safety Pathway launched July 2016

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Last updated 25 July 2016 by NZTecAdmin

The Industry Training Federation and the Tertiary Education Commission have jointly funded a new health and safety pathway to Pathways Awarua, acknowledging health and safety as an integral part of everyday work and life.

With the introduction of new health and safety legislation in New Zealand this year, the health and safety pathway provides an opportunity to educate learners about the fundamental principles of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, as well as guiding them on a personal journey to understand their role in workplace health safety.

The modules on the health and safety pathway are linked to four collections: personal health and wellness, staying healthy and safe at work, understanding workplace health and safety, and incident reporting. The first 10 modules launched in July cover several important health and safety topics including health and safety induction, risk management, emergency preparedness, safety signage and documentation.

The health and safety pathway in Pathways Awarua has been developed to help learners understand health and safety in the workplace, while also strengthening their literacy and numeracy competencies. Improving literacy in the workplace is recognised as being a key component toward improving health and safety statistics and decreasing the risk of workplace injury.


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