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Recipient of National Centre 2016 Adult Literacy and Numeracy Leadership Award announced

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Last updated 27 September 2016 by NZTecAdmin

The recipient of the National Centre’s 2016 Adult Literacy and Numeracy Leadership Award is Gary Sharpe.

Gary has been a long-time campaigner and advocate for Literacy and Numeracy at WITT in Taranaki, generally regarded as the ‘go to’ person in the field for the institute. He was part of the original Literacy and Numeracy Champions training undertaken through the National Centre which morphed into Literacy and Numeracy Advisor for WITT. This role links closely with Gary’s work as learning skills tutor for mathematics.

Material Gary has developed has been used across the sector and within Industry in the region. Current focuses are:

·        undertaking more research into links between IELTS, ESOL and LNAAT

·        working on turning ‘hand-outs’ into short video clips

·        using the Abacus in the classroom as a maths resource with a special interest in using it as a binary calculator for learners.



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