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Scale score

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Last updated 26 October 2012 15:29 by NZTecAdmin

A score on a scale of 1-1000 that provides an estimate of the learner’s ability in a particular Assessment Strand.



21 October 2017 02:50
National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Tukua Kia Rere is doing really amazing work. I read about their work at http://assignmentman.co.uk/ site too. Good to read about the scale score too, great post and site.
04 November 2017 00:19
Thanks for letting me know about the definition of it. It's been https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URU_3CrH7cs who's helping me currently with my assignments. Otherwise, I would've definitely failed.
08 November 2017 00:31
You are allowed to post names, but not links, unless they are approved and on the topic.https://thewatchfreeonline.com/
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