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Webinar 2 - Using the Assessment Tool in ITOs

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Last updated 26 November 2012 14:08 by NZTecAdmin

Date and time: 4 November 2010, 12.10 - 12.50pm
Presenter: Nicky Murray and Jacqui Remnant
Status: Discussions completed

This webinar has occurred. You can access its associated readings below as well as watch a recording of the presentation.

The purpose of this webinar was to share with ITOs the information gathered at the three workshops held at the end of September. It also included an overview of the next steps for supporting ITOs in preparing to use the Assessment Tool in 2011, and provided questions and information on the three ‘stages’ using the Assessment Tool.

Watch the presentation

Click below to view a recording of this webinar.This video runs for approximately 1 hour. This video features the slides used by the presenter during the webinar, with the presenter's commentary.

Jacqui and Nicky Assessment Tool in ITOs

Webinar outline

Workshop summary including

  • burning issues
  • what has worked for ITOs using the Assessment Tool
  • the future with the Assessment Tool – employers, trainees, training
  • What’s in it for the ITO?

Next steps

  • Stages of using the Assessment Tool – where is your ITO?
  • Professional learning community
  • Vocabulary and Snapshot assessment update

Nicky Murray and Jacqui Remnant

Nicky Murray is the Project Manager Literacy and Learning at the Industry Training Federation. She works with Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) to support them to build their capabililty to respond to literacy, language and numeracy issues within their industries. She also works with government agencies and literacy and numeracy organisations to ensure that the views and interests of ITOs are represented.

Jacqui Remnant is a Senior Advisor in Literacy and Numeracy at the Tertiary Education Commission. Jacqui has been involved in the Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool project since late 2007, and has spent much of 2010 working with organisations as they prepare to use the Assessment Tool. Jacqui works closely with the TEC and Assessment Tool Service Desk to ensure shared understandings of how the Assessment Tool is being implemented across the tertiary sector.



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