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"Towards better teaching & learning"

Jeremy Baker

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Last updated 06 December 2012 11:47 by NZTecAdmin

View comments from Jeremy Baker, Executive Director of the Industry Training Federation, taken at the Literacy Forum in Wellington, May 2011.

Key content

Why literacy and numeracy capability-building in the workplace is important.

What we're doing is making a difference.


There are a significantly large number of people in New Zealand population whose literacy and numeracy really isn’t sufficient for them to be able to do the kind of things they need to do in their jobs or to live successful lives. And that’s a real problem for our productivity, for the performance of our businesses and for their life chances.

Trainers and tutors are absolutely critical and for adult trainers and tutors, what’s absolutely critical is that they tie what they’re doing to something that’s relevant. People don’t just want to learn stuff for the sake of it once they’re adults, they want to see the meaning, the relevance, so if you can tie what you’re doing with literacy and numeracy to achieving something practical and useful then it will actually work.

We have to have both strategy but we’ve also got to have practical action. We’ve got to have real examples of good practice in how you actually connect with people, get them excited, get them enthused, get them to overcome the barriers that there are in dealing with literacy and numeracy.

We are making a difference. New Zealand actually was one of the few countries in the international surveys that have been conducted that have improved their literacy and numeracy levels. There’s a long way to go but we are making progress and that’s really exciting.



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