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Literacy and Numeracy 2014 Workshop series

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Last updated 08 September 2014 14:57 by NZTecAdmin


Please note: The workshops outlined on this page have already occurred.

Please review our current offerings.


Literacy and Numeracy 2014 Workshop series

NZCER, The National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults, and Maths Technology Ltd (Pathways Awarua) are pleased to announce 8 full-day professional development workshops between September 29th and 9th October 2014


Workshops are being held around the country so please see the information below for a workshop near you.  

Workshops are free to attend although numbers will be limited according to venue size.

Workshops run from 9.30am-4pm with morning and afternoon tea provided.


Workshop resources below

Introduction to the Assessment Tool

Workshop outline


Session 1: Introduction to the Assessment Tool

This session will include; accessing the Assessment Tool, assessment selection and creation, interpreting individual and class data, the Gain Report, engaging learners, and an update about the recently released Youth Assessment options. There will also be a Q&A component to this session.


Session 2: Introduction to Pathways Awarua

This session has two components. The first looks at the key features of Pathways Awarua and the ways that educators can use the over 300 learning modules and games with their learners.  The second component examines the professional development modules available on Pathways Awarua and in particular the pathway of modules that enables an educator to gain the National Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy (vocational).  There will be opportunities for Q&A through the session.


Session 3: Linking the Assessment Tool results to classroom practice

This session links the Assessment Tool results to practical classroom strategies that effectively develop learners’ literacy and numeracy skills.  It will review how tutors, and organisations, can draw on the Learning Progression resources to planintegrate and deliver these strategies while continuing to deliver vocational content.  This session will also include a review of key information and resources on the NCLANA website.






18 September 2014 09:31
Looking forward to booking into a Northland workshop...
19 September 2014 11:46
Great to hear Valerie - hope you enjoy the workshop.
24 September 2014 10:40
Where in south Auckland is the workshop on Oct 2 - it is next week and I still have not had confirmation of venue.
26 September 2014 09:12
I note you mention information will be given at your workshops by one particular provider of the NCALNE (vocational option only) . I take it that all of the other providers of NCALNE (both Vocational and Educator) have also been invited to give information to tutors and providers on the range of options for obtaining this qualification. The way in which Pathways Awarua Professional Development options are currently set up tutors new to the area may presume this is the only option for obtaining this qualification.
03 May 2016 02:50
Thanks, really helpful!

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